What You Need to Know about the Bathroom at School

“I can totally relate to Raj!” That’s what I hear every time I describe my new book, RAJ’S RULE (FOR THE BATHROOM AT SCHOOL) (Owlkids Books, 2020). Raj has a list of tips to help him get through an entire day at school- without ever using the bathroom. Although I, too, appreciate Raj’s preference for his bathroom at home (that’s the bathroom he knows) I’ve seen firsthand, as an ECE with over 30 years experience, the discomfort this causes, and how it stops a child from getting the most out of their day at school. So the moral of the story? Go when you need to- even at school!

And I’ve compiled 5 TIPS FOR SCHOOL BATHROOM SUCCESS. Because, let’s be honest- our kids are out of practice, because for months, they’ve not only stayed at home, they’ve ‘gone’ at home.

I’VE GOTTA GO! Our kids may have gone back to relying on a parent to remind them when they should use the washroom. Give your child ownership in this department so they can start thinking for themselves.

HOLD ON A MINUTE In a class full of children, kids will sometimes have to wait their turn to go to the washroom.  Encourage your child to not wait until the last minute (you know-that ‘dancing stage’) before taking a trip to the washroom.

CLOTHES CALL I realize those tights match perfectly with that headband, and those jeans are super cute, but can your kids undo the button or get the tights down quickly on their own— especially if ‘it’s an emergency!!’? Before your child’s clothes come home in a bag you might want to rethink that belt. The elastic waist is your child’s friend!

CLEAN SWEEP I know you do a more efficient job in the wiping department, but especially in our currently socially distanced world- your child will be on their own in the school stall and practice makes perfect. And make sure to encourage kids to be like Raj and independently ‘soak for a second and scrub every finger’ when washing hands.

*** HAPPENS Kk accidents happen, and it’s always better to be prepared. On the off chance your child doesn’t make it to the washroom, make sure they have a change of clothes that can be easily accessed without making a big scene. (bonus tip- don’t forget to pack extra socks!)

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of RAJ’S RULE (FOR THE BATHROOM AT SCHOOL) (@owlkidspublishing) fabulously illustrated by Hatem Aly. And hey- I’m available for school visits virtually this year! I can customize a visit, and pop right into your classroom- wherever your school is located! Send me an email at lanabutton3@gmail.com to find out more, or check out my website at http://www.lanabutton.com

Check out my picture books that encourage self-reliance, empathy, resilience and anti-bullying.

I am (optimistically) wishing you a year of fun, health and lots of learning this school year.

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