About Lana

I am the proud author of the “Willow” picture book series. When I was a child, growing up in the tiny border town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, I didn’t think I’d be an author. I was pretty sure I’d be a movie star— I spent lots of time practicing being a star while singing into my skipping rope to large crowds of imaginary people.

I’ve lived in Montreal and Vancouver where I was an actress in TV, film and stage. But my love for children and desire to inspire led me to creating picture book stories.

I’m honored that the Willow series has won awards and has been translated into French, Chinese and Japanese, but I am mostly proud of the fact that Willow has quietly inspired many children to find their own voice.

One of my favorite things about being a children’s author is sharing my stories through school and library presentations. I love reading aloud, talking with children about Willow’s challenges and triumphs, and giving insight into how a picture book is born— and they give me a real microphone so I usually throw in a song or two! Want more info on my presentations? Drop me a line at button_4@sympatico.ca

I live in Burlington, Ontario with three grown daughters, one dog, one cat and one travelling husband. When I’m not writing or presenting you can find me reading, singing and working with small crowds of kindergarten children.

WILLOW’S WHISPERS (Kids Can Press, 2014) WILLOW FINDS A WAY (Kids Can Press, 2013) and WILLOW’S SMILE (Kids Can Press, 2016) champion the quiet child and give everyone in class something to cheer about.

cropped-willow-cover.jpgwillow finds a way.jpgwillow_s_smile_0.jpg


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