Pumpkin Baking Success!

It was the day after Halloween, it was a Friday, and it was raining. I’ll be honest, I was dreading today’s activity in my kindergarten class. We were baking with pumpkin. And not just one recipe, but we were making two pumpkin recipes.

But I’m pleased to report that the experience was terrific! The halls of our school were filled with the aroma of pumpkin muffins, (and I managed to get the toaster oven back in the staff room before anyone needed to warm up their lunch!)

Our pumpkin baking inquiry started earlier this week when we read “Too Many Pumpkins” by Linda White. With countless unwelcome pumpkins to deal with, Rebecca Estelle turns disaster into celebration when she invites the entire town over to enjoy a whole array of pumpkin treats, from pumpkin pie to pumpkin pudding.



My crew of 24 kindergarteners (in attendance that day) was eager to try their hand at baking with pumpkin. So we set up a survey graph, “Would you like to make pumpkin muffins or no-bake pumpkin cookies?”

My vote was definitely on the no-bake cookies, but the joke was on me when the survey results were tallied; 12 orange circle stickers placed on the ‘cookies’ side, 12 orange squares on the ‘muffins’ side.

I invited the children to tally the results and wrote underneath the survey,

“What will we bake?”

The response was-


Don’t get me wrong; I was happy with the math words used to back up their answers. “It is equal”, “It is a tie”, “They are the same”.

And although I considered ways to wiggle out of it, the only fair thing to do was to make both the muffins and the cookies.


There’s nothing better than baking with children! We had a great time reading the recipe, discussing measurement as we took turns adding ingredients, and stirring. From smelling the vanilla to comparing the textures of flour and sugar, this math, science, language activity encompasses all of the senses!


And in the end, we set up a new graph-

“I prefer the muffins” or “I prefer the cookies”

This time, it wasn’t even close! The winner, by a vote of 15 to 5, was the muffins.


Just another day in Kindergarten!