The Debut of a Book Trailer

I finally have a book trailer for WILLOW’S WHISPERS (Kids Can Press, 2010) ! And I couldn’t be more proud!!! A book trailer has been on my list of things to do for years. But I never could get myself started. I couldn’t figure out how to capture the essence of a story that means so much to me, in a 45 second Youtube link. But yesterday someone created one for me. And I guess it’s only fitting that the trailer be created by someone who stuck with me, inspired me, and pushed me to keep reaching for my dream through many years of rejection letters. Yesterday, my daughter Jane surprised me with a Youtube link- and it’s absolutely perfect!

My girls grew up with the story of WILLOW’S WHISPERS. As young girls, Jane, Jordan and Carlyn would climb on the couch and listen to every new draft. (“Hey, where’d the Grandma go?” “Oh I changed the Grandma to a Dad. What do you think?”) And as the rejection letters piled up over the years, I kept submitting. How could I not? I had three girls watching me, believing in me and in this story.

And as much as my girls encouraged me during those years of rejections, they celebrated with me when the story showed promise…and then finally an acceptance from Kids Can Press. They were there to help me cut cheese, create magic microphones and pass out balloons at my book launch. And the four of us spent a glorious day at the 2011 Blue Spruce Awards Ceremony.

So I shouldn’t be surprised that Jane was able to capture Willow’s quiet struggle and her triumph so beautifully in 45 seconds. She and her sisters know the story almost as well as I do. That she took time out of her very busy schedule to put it together and surprise me with it, means more than I can say!

As parents we try to inspire our children. Tod and I have always encouraged our girls to find their passion, reach for their dreams. Luckily we’ve been on the same page when it came to scheduling and financing- prioritizing dance classes and competition fees over vacations and upgrades. I hope that our love, encouragement and support will allow our daughters the fortitude to never give up on their dreams. But I know this for sure- it was their love and support for me that allowed me to reach my own. That is one of the gifts of being a parent. I’m one lucky lady!